courtWelcome To Dhanvarsha Bio-Plantech Pvt.Ltd.

In the annals of Dhanvarsha Bio-Plantech Pvt. Ltd we have gained trust and good relationship with all our customers for our endeavor growth. Our customer is the most important visitor on our premises and extending us an opportunity to enrich our production & productivity.

The company is forerunning leader to develop high quality Teek Plants,Clone eucalyptus,Popular, Horticulture(Banana, Mango) , Plant growth promoters for several crops, plants and their application techniques. Being a pioneer in agriculture organic inputs and allied products, the company has been doing research and deployment (R&D) works to continue improvement in its products since its commencement . The company inherent strength is based on its passionate pursuits of the highest level of qualitative agri organic-inputs to recognized unit having a wide rang of marketing network across the country which includes the input supply center well-equiped godowns and marketing personel.